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21C Leading Company of Materials & Electronics

Mattron corporation has been creating dreams for both the individuals and the future based on its venture spirit and continued R&D since its establishment in April 7th, 2000 and it has been doing its best to realize more various function, and quicker answering properties in more narrow range.

It will be inspired by the innovative capability and venture spirit. It will do its best to play a key role in changing the era, providing the beneficial information and products to you customers, being equipped with the capacity quickly handling the change of the era by promptly and precisely choosing information while inheriting the spirit of the challenge based on its business philosophy,

"With the mind like beginning"

It will provide best products and services based on the continued R&D and challenge until you customers will satisfy, and do its best for the profit for shareholders through the maximization of profit. In addition, it will do contribute it self in helping the poor and social welfare system based on the spirit of co-living &co-welfare.

It hopes that your customers will favor it with the continued suggestions and patronage.

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