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PLC-Serial Integrated Modem

PLC Serial Modem
* Type PLC-Serial Integrated Modem
* Materials Origin Korea
* Manufacturing Origin Korea
* Packing Wooden Packing
* Manufacturer Mattron Corp.
* Factory Changwon-si, Kyungnam, Korea

Icon Serial to PLC Modem

The serial integrated modem for power line communication can handle various RS232 / 485 serial communication data. Communication device that transmits data using a coupler

Icon Advantage

   Arr Support for converting of diverse methods

Serial data ◀▶ existing conductor line ◀▶ PLC data

   Arr  It is possible to communicate with serial device by using existing conductor line without additional communication line work.

Icon Specification

Model MTR-ML300-EM
Size 140(L) x 110(W) x 35(H) mm
Specification Frequency 307.2 kHz
Signal Intensity 4 Vpp
DPLL Demodulation
Interface Connector F female
RS-232 Signals DB-9Pin, Rx (2), Tx (3), GND (5)
RS-485 Signals 3-Pin Terminal Block - A, B, GND
Input Power 2-Pin Terminal Block
Baud Rate 9,600 ~ 57,600 bps
Power supply Non-polar DC 9~35 V
LED Power, Tx, Rx, Test
Temperature -25 ~ 60
Note KC (R-R-Mpm-MTR-ML300)

Icon Application

PLC Serial Modem Application
  • Arr Distributed Generation System (DGS)
  • Distributed Generation System
  • Arr Distribution Automation System (DAS)
  • Distribution Automation System
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