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  • Arr Development and providing various communication devices demanded in PLC system.
  • Arr Installation of PLC network system as a function of power line specification.
  • Arr Installation of AMR system based on PLC.

       Arr Design and development of an inductive coupler as a function of customer.
       Arr Demands such as size, current, insertion loss, frequency band, and specifications of power line .
       Arr Design and development of a blocking filter as a function of customer demandssuch as current, insertion loss, frequency band, and
          specifications of power line.
       Arr The various communication devices demanded in PLC system.
       Arr Development of installation technology for PLC network system.
       Arr Development of the PLC to serial communication modem.
       Arr Overseas market pioneer
         - Indonesia : Internet service and AMR based on PLC.
         - England : Installation of PLC network in building.
         - South Africa : Installation of PLC network in mine.
         - Kazakhstan : AMR, Internet, and home network based on PLC.
         - China : PLC network in building.


     ▶ PURPOSE

       Arr Development of ECO-friendly energy harvesting materials and elements.
       Arr Establishment of communication system using the self generated energy
         : Applying to automation and monitoring system of power transmission and distribution line.


       Arr Design and Development of the self generation system and communication device using generated power.
         - Design and development of the high current separated type CT.
         - Power supply of AC-DC-DC converter.
         - Development of communication system integrated with self generation system.
       Arr Design and Development of the self generation system using Piezoelectric
         - Analysis of vibration energy of power transformer.
         - Development of low frequency resonance piezoelectric generator.
         - Power supply of AC-DC-DC converter
         - Charging system design using generating energy.
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