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Block Communication Device

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핀지그용 모뎀 (SM-M100)
  • 핀지그용 모뎀 (SM-M100)
  • 피더용 모뎀 (SM-S100)
  • 핀지그용 커플러 (ICU-H130R)
  • 피더용 커플러 (ICU-H13F)
  • Describution
    Block Communication Device
    - It is a device that communicates with a metal block in a shipyard as a communication medium. It is installed on a Finjig and a digital feeder to establish a stable communication system.
    - Based on the location recognition of the welding worker, it can be applied in a closed space composed of safety management system and metal
  • Advantage
    - Easy to install and compatible with existing communication systems
    - The communication device for the feeder is compact and lightweight, so it can be embedded in the feeder
    - Communication device for Finjig has excellent durability
    - Can be used in shipyards and various confined spaces where wireless communication is difficult
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Block Communication Device - Modem
Block Communication Device - Coupler
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